Sep. 25th, 2010

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I thought I should do a post about the S4 Official Companion book, since I got it along with my S5 DVDs...but, I already talked about the Companion books when I read the ones for the first three seasons, and there isn't much more to say about them. 

They are still little fluffy books that give you little tidbits of information and some funny anecdotes from cast and crew...

I think I said before that my favorite thing about them was that you got to hear from people you don't usually hear from: Like the music guys, or the lightening guys, or the locations crew...

In the case of S4, I was really pleased that we got to hear from Genevieve Cortese - since she'll probably never do a convention (at least, I wouldn't if I were her), interviews from S4 are really the only chance we get to vicariously ask her questions.

I already shared a quote from her on Jared, and there's a few anecdotes in the book about how her first day of shooting was the scene she did in her underwear....(which coincidentally was the first time she met many of her future-husband's friends). 

Then we also get her explaining her take on Ruby, and she pretty much summarizes why I liked Ruby2.0 better than Ruby1.0 (and it had nothing to do with the actresses):

"After talking to Eric Kripke, my take on it was that Ruby had been in Hell and was coming back with a completely different strategy. I didn't want to make her so nice that you're like 'Who the hell is this girl?' but I wanted to make her very disarming so that you go, 'Okay, that's why Sam wants to be around her.' I know that she's a demon, but I felt, 'Why would Sam want to trust her and hang around her?' I really wanted to make her seem as innocent as possible so that people were questioning by the end whether she's good or bad."

Which was the problem with S3 Ruby, because she was far too abrasive and openly verbally would trigger Sam's "yell at anything that yells at you" reflex.

Genevieve also talks about how Ruby loved Sam, but more because of what he could do for her - rather than actually loving him as a person.

Anyway, yeah, just thought I would share that - I'll let the dead horse rest in peace now.


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