Sep. 7th, 2010

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So, I was reading [ profile] kroki_refur 's episode review of doom on 4x19 (Jump the Shark), because I find them amusing...and she talked about Sam saying that John may have "slipped one past the goalie"

Then she goes on to say how much she loves the fact that Sam made a football (soccer) reference and how it's continuity with the fact that Sam played soccer when he was 12 or whatever...

But dudes! I thought it was a hockey reference! I've ALWAYS thought that was a hockey reference!! MY MIND IS BLOWN!

Canadian!Me: There are other sports besides hockey?!!?
Well-Traveled!Me: My goodness...I'm Canadian.


What did YOU picture, hockey or soccer? (Uh, not counting those of you who just pictured the actual process of making a baby and didn't pay attention to the sports metaphor...)
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Check out the corner of my room:

I've got Misha (because I liked his smudged autograph so much) and the boys right beside my computer desk now to cheer me on!

When I was handed that huge poster of Sam at the convention, I believe my exact words were "What the heck am I going to do with a giant poster of Sam?" The answer: Have him guard my necklaces.

I know Sam looks crooked in the picture, I've since straightened him was very in keeping with his character.

Also, tucked behind Sam is all the other autographs I got during the convention. I have to get a little 8x10 photo-book to keep them in, but until I do, they're going to hide behind Sam where they are safe from harm. Sam looks kind of lonely without Dean though....sadly, even if I had him, there'd be no place to put him.

Anyway, just thought I would share :)


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