Feb. 2nd, 2010

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My S2 Companion book arrived in the mail today, so I blew off work for the afternoon and read it - probably not a wise move job-wise, but I have little to no will power and I hate my job, so yeah, it wasn't all that surprising a thing for me to do.

So, as most of you know, I'm quite proud of my TIMELINE - (which is suffering greatly in S5, damn you Kripke) - I base all my timeline info on the episodes themselves whenever possible (sometimes I use DVD extras too), but if something in the episode isn't logical when taken in sequence with information from rest of the season then I disregard it. I always invite people to disagree with me though, as long as they can cite a source for the information.

So, someone told me that in the Supernatural Season 2 Official Companion, Kripke said that Sam was resurrected on his birthday...this was basically the driving force in making me buy the books, because the person who told me this could not give me an exact quote. And that's because...

It's not Kripke that says it! It's in one of those little "Did You Know?" boxes at the side of the page that usually contain information on past projects that the guest-star of the episode worked on. Now, since it is in the "Official" companion book, I guess I still have to use it for the timeline, so fair enough.

I've read some stories that have Sam's dates as May 2, 1983 - May 2, 2007...but technically that's wrong, because Dean let him lie there for two days. So, if Sam ever had a gravestone, it would actually read:

Samuel Winchester
"He's really sorry"
May 2, 1983 - April 30, 2007
May 2, 2007 - (unknown)

Other S2 Companion Tidbits
The S2 companion was nice..there wasn't too much in there that I didn't already know. It was funny to read Kripke's take on how he doesn't think there are angels in the Supernatural universe, though he won't discount them. Unlike the S3 Companion, there was barely anything from Jared or Jensen in there - in the S3 Companion, the author actually successfully records about three pages of Jared rambling. This one, Jared speaks even less than Jensen.

There's a funny quote from JDM though, where he says that he thinks Dean was more messed up about John's death because "Jensen loves me more than Jared does" Hahaha....I know there's a video out there of Jared glomping JDM in an interview line and telling the reporters that he's his boyfriend, so I really don't think that's true. About a paragraph after that JDM also says that he's gone online and argued with fans who think John was a horrible father.  God, you just have to love that man.


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