Dec. 19th, 2008

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Tonight I only watched one episode. Something Wicked is one of my favorites. Sadly, I don't think I'm as articulate about it as I would like to be. I've had a confusing day....but here you are!

Something Wicked )

On a separate topic: It occurred to me that I've written one fic from John's point of view, one fic from Dean's, one from Jess', and one from Sam's! How unintentionally diverse of me! Sadly, I don't think I could get Bobby's voice, the next idea I'll probably write up is a Dean POV. Still, I'm impressed with myself.



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I just have the final two now to go, and I'm done S1. Pretty snazzy. Today's episodes are Provenance and Dead Man's Blood. One of them is interesting, the other one is not.


Provenance and Dead Man's Blood )


I had completely forgotten about that scene between John and Sam in Dead Man's Blood. This makes me forgive John a little for some of his failings.

Now, the question I wait patiently and save the last two episodes for tomorrow...or do I watch them tonight? tempting...


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