Dec. 17th, 2008

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Title: Of Bracelets
Author: [ profile] hells_half_acre 
Characters: Sam, Dean, Bobby, John
Rating: PG13 (for language)
Category: Gen
Spoilers: Up until 2x02

Summary: The bracelets were for protection and unity, Sam always remembered that.

Notes/Warnings: My little story exploring why the boys wear bracelets. This came about because of a discussion I had with [ profile] mara_snh about bracelets, circles, and family relationships. Posting this first on my journal, while I catch any editing that I missed the first time through.

*    *



Their first bracelets were made of thin rope. )


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Last night I watched Route 666 and Nightmare. I'll probably watch two more after I post this too. I posted my bracelet!fic as well. If you read it, let me know if there are any spelling mistakes, or whether it's "He couldn't see past them" or "He couldn't see passed them"...because I can't tell.

I actually have to go into work tomorrow, so there will be a small slowdown to these posts. I'll also be slightly busy with xmas stuff and whatnot starting this these posts will most likely be more spread out for a little bit. Though, you never know. My sleeping schedule is still a bit messed up. I don't think me waking up on time in the mornings is a victory when I have to take two hour naps in the afternoon. My life would be easier if I used caffeine like everyone else, but that would be giving into the MAN.

Anyway! On to the episodes! There is tons of foreshadowing in Nightmare for obvious reasons, but I try not to go into detail too much.


Route 666 and Nightmare )



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