Dec. 14th, 2008

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I've already stumbled upon a mistake in the Supernatural Timeline that I usually use, so I'm quite happy with my decision to keep track of days in the series. It means though that there is TONS of unaccounted for time between episodes, also the weather doesn't make any sense. Basically episodes 3-5 take place between November 14th and February 27th, yet we never see any snow (even though episode 5 takes place in Ohio, where I'm pretty sure the leaves wouldn't still be green and there should be snow on the ground :P).

Anyway, I'll explain more under the cut....


Bloody Mary and Skin )


Quick note on Accessories: I've noticed that Dean wears a group of bracelets in the S1 so far. I've also noticed in the promotional pictures for S4 that Sam isn't wearing his leather band (but I haven't gone back and confirmed with the episodes) I'm thinking that bracelets are just something that come and go with the boys...and they don't have any meaning besides, oh hey...a bracelet. Maybe it's just because with their lives, they can't have many personal belongings, so they purchase bracelets from time to time because they are small things - but give them a chance to have something that is theirs. It could be as simple as that, anyway. The dudes just might like bracelets is what I am trying to say, I guess.


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