Jan. 24th, 2007

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Tonight we made pizza. I handed Gabe the veggies to cut and then rinsed off the sharp knife for him. I turned to give it to him and noticed he had placed the red pepper back in front of me. I didn't so much wonder why, as just filed the information into the back of my brain as I reached over the counter with the knife.

'Wash the pepper' surfaced in my mind, and I grabbed it and turned back to the sink.

"Perceptive" Gabe complimented, I could hear the smile.

"It took me a minute" I replied honestly, handing him the pepper once again.

"I like how we don't need to actually say things to each other anymore" he said.

"Yeah, it's kind of nice." I spread the onions and cheese over the pizza while he chopped.

"Now pay attention, because I'm going to offend you," Gabe announced, coming to my side with the plate of pepper pieces. (And I guess it says something about us right there, because that phrase didn't seem at all strange to me). "Now, this piece, you may notice, is too big for the pizza." He pointed with the knife to a whole half of the pepper. "So, I don't think you should put it on there." He then moved the knife over to point at the core of seeds and membrane "This piece is going to go in the garbage, so I don't want you to put it on either. But these little pieces here, THOSE can go on the pizza."

I gave him a flat look that I knew had already twisted itself up into a smirk despite my attempts for it not to. I reached for the small pieces as Gabe rotated the bits for the garbage away from my outstretched hand saying "careful!"

"Wait, before you go away, I need to explain something to you," I said seriously. "Now, what you should do with that piece there is put it some sort of plastic wrap and place it in the fridge, because we can save it for later. But this piece here isn't edible and should go in the garbage."

Gabe has always been better than me at the flat looks, but neither of us are very good at holding off smiles. We might not need to say things to each other anymore, but that's hardly going to stop us.


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