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 Let's talk about this awesome cap from Unforgiven (6x13) while I wait for my pasta to cook:

Check out that lighting! What is it trying to say? THINK ABOUT IT.

Sam is pleading to be trusted by a women who, very rightly, suspects that he had a hand in her husband's death...during an episode that very much continues the debate: Was Soulless!Sam still Sam? Or is Sam another entity all together.

And it's all nicely encapsulated in this one image...

On the one side, we have Sam's earnest and open face - innocent and scared and pleading for help. On the other hand, we have the side of Sam's face that is hidden in darkness, tinted in blood red. 

Interestingly enough, back in 6x11, Soulless!Sam spoke of Sammy as though he were a different person - as though bringing Sammy back would kill Soulless!Sam. Now that Sammy is indeed back, he believes that Soulless!Sam was still him - that the fact that his soul had been separated from his body meant nothing and it's HE who has to make up for Soulless!Sam's ruthless cold-heart.

So, are Soulless!Sam and Dean correct and Soulless!Sam was a different person...or are Sam and Bobby correct and Soulless!Sam and Sam are NOT different people?

I think I've been thinking about this wrong. Soulless!Sam and Sammy are two different people...but they are two different people that together make up Sam. And I think that's what we see in this one image. We've got the cold-hearted ruthless body and the warm-hearted kind soul of Sammy (and as loved ones do, Sammy is the version of Sam that Dean sees the most)...and you put them together and you get Sam, who is capable of both (as we've seen in flashes throughout the years, most prominently in Mystery Spot and a lot of S4.)

Of course, maybe this is me being biased, because I love characters with duality...(like Remus Lupin and Sirius Black)...anyway, no matter what your theories, you gotta admit, that's a really awesomely lit scene. 

(cap by [livejournal.com profile] crystalchain )
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