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Joey Comeau is one of my favorite writers, even though I can't read his horror novels because they are too horrific. Most of you might know him from A Softer World - but I suggest you check out his book Lockpick Pornography too (you can read it online for free, or buy it for $10), as well as his short-stories.

Anyway, today on the a softer world blog space, he said this:

"I joined a chess club and I started taking Cantonese lessons! But more importantly I have been re-watching 30 Rock, and it makes me happy. Whenever people judge me for how much of my time I spend watching TV and horror movies I wonder if they've ever even been happy ever. EVER."

I have a whole file of quotes from him that I've liked over the years...

"I think boys are very handsome sometimes, and I want to hold their hands and give them kisses. Does that mean I'm gay? On my BIRTHDAY?!?! Gosh I hope Maggie doesn't find out!"
(Maggie being his girlfriend)


"I hope that you are a disaster. I'm sorry, but I do. I hope that you are thunder and lightning. I hope you are a forest fire, I hope you kill the dead wood and burn off the rotting leaves. With the canopy gone, the sun can get in. You need new growth. I hope you're terrible and broken and perfect."


"People end up where they end up, and sometimes they end up in love. What I like about love is that it doesn't last forever. What I like about love is how, because it's so intense, the ending is always a disaster. Right now it's raining hard. The internet says there's a hurricane coming tonight for sure."

And one of my all time favorites:

"Do you think it would be impolite to give someone a t-shirt that reads 'I'm the reason why rational people are hesitant to self-identify as feminists.' ?"

My point was going to be that I like watching TV too, and for some reason keeping track of Sam and Dean's wardrobe makes me happy...and so does keeping a very accurate timeline...and so does rewatching those three Sherlock episodes...but I think my point is also that I really like Joey Comeau. He always makes me feel like there's a place in the world for me, I just haven't found it yet.
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