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 I watched this two nights ago, but I haven't had a chance to type anything yet! But today I have no work! (yay for me, boo for my wallet)

I actually don't have that many notes for this one, so it'll be much more brief than my other rewatch reviews...


You gotta love the art department at Supernatural. They have to make a swanky hotel set, and then destroy it for the same episode. Or maybe they made a destroyed hotel set and then swankied it up. (Swankied is totally a word now, because I'm declaring it one.) 

I think this is one of the episodes they filmed during the Olympics...I'm only guessing that, because it's a set-heavy episode, rather than a location-heavy episode.

Mmm...wet boys.

"How you doing?"
"But I-"
"Lady, I just-"
"I understand, and no."

-Poor Dean, shot down. I like that exchange. I also really like Kali...I mean, I kind of want to get with her too, and I'm fairly straight.

"How many hours of sleep you get this week? Three, four?"
-Back in 5x11, we discovered that Dean was hardly sleeping, and I thought it nicely proved my theory that Dean had hardly been sleeping since Hell...because everytime we DID see him sleep, he was always passed out awkwardly with his clothes still on. Now we find out that Sam is hardly sleeping too. Poor boys. I wonder if S6 Sam sleeps.

I love Dean with the chocolates in the motel room - it's nice to have Dean back...you know, the 31 year-old who is filled with joy over chocolates like an 12 year-old. I love how he shoots Sam that "please" look and Sam lets him have his pillow-chocolate too. Really, between the two of them, it's Dean who acts like a kid, yet Sam is the one that is coddled like one. Ironic.

I love the elephant in the room thing...just...the way Dean walks by it and then is like "wait a sec..." hahaha

We find out the boys were on the I90. This means that they were up in the northern states...so, did they JUST leave Bobby's? Has Sam not been sleeping because the whole fiasco with Dean saying yes has just occurred? Or has he not been sleeping because he's obsessed with finding Cas and Adam and killing the Lucifer? The cuts on Dean's face have healed, but this is Supernatural, cuts always heal overnight...except that one time they didn't.

"Please be tomato soup, please be tomato soup"
-I love both their expressions when it is not tomato soup.

Ok, so, true to fashion, my one major problem with this episode is extremely nitpicky....

..It's the flash-explanations of who everyone is when we read the name-tags. Now, I actually really like that effect (though, I know others on my flist did not)...I thought it was a really cool way to explain who everyone was. And I also found it hilarious that the gods would do something so dorky as have those little "Hello my name is: _" nametags at their conference. No, what gets my goat about it is that we're supposed to be viewing the episode through Winchester POV. So, when Baldr gives his speech about "...this many gods under one roof" and Sam says "Gods?" all surprised...that does not fly with me. The scene JUST BEFORE had Sam and Dean looking at the nametags and the flashes of insight into who everyone was - SAM SHOULD KNOW THEY ARE GODS. Ugh...

Anyway, back to enjoying the show...

I really like Zao Shen's Chinese. It's really very pleasant to the ear. Now, don't get me wrong...I don't speak Chinese, I don't understand Chinese...I know maybe a handful of phrases that would be of no help to anyone, but that's it. I have, however, traveled in China, and I live in Vancouver, so I've HEARD a lot of Chinese in my life (plus my best friend speaks it). Anyway, I'm just saying...very nice speaking voice in Chinese, in my opinion....mmm...language.

"I'm older than you anyway"
"No one's ever been able to prove that!"

-Haha, oh, pagan god arguments...how I love you.

I also love "don't mock my world turtle"...I've got a world turtle tattooed on me (well, it's just a turtle...but, it COULD be a world turtle).

Then Kali uses the force! Man...wouldn't it have been cool if Darth Vader had been a woman..."Luke, I am your mother..." - so much more creepier.

"And when are you ever lucky?"
"You know what, bite me, Gabriel"
"Later, big boy"

Ok, so when Gabriel says that he's the "Kostner to your Houston"....I fully confused "Houston" with "Heston" the first time I watched this and was really rather confused as to what one had to do with the other. Thankfully, I got the reference properly now.

Also, the use of the term "uber-boned" is awesome.

Ok, now my favorite chunk of dialog in the episode...and perhaps my favorite Dean lines ever...

"How about you do what we say or we tell the Legion of Doom about your secret identity. They don't really seem like the pro-angel crowd."
"I'll take your voices away"
"We'll write it down"
'I'll cut off your hands"

"Well then people are going to be asking: 'why are you guys running around with no hands?'"
-Ah hahahahahahaha. Gabriel's FACE, his FACE...and the way Jensen delivers that last line...KILLS ME. 

Ok, when Kali takes Gabriel's blood, she says "You're bound to me, now and forever".....could...could this be a way to get Gabriel back? Please?....though, for storyline sake, they couldn't use him in the same capacity as he was before, so I don't know how bringing him back would work...besides REALLY help Cas out (presumably).

"Alright you primitive screwheads, listen up"
"You out of your mind?"
"I'm out of options"

-I love Dean...when in doubt, give a speech laced with bravado and insults. Also, when terrified of something, insult it to cover up the fact that you are terrified.

"You think I'd give Kali my real sword? That thing could kill me!"
-I love you Gabester

"Then what do they have in there?"
"A fake - made it out of a can of Diet Orange Slice"

-Hmm...can Gabriel CREATE matter? Or can he only change it? Does everything he creates need to be created FROM something already existing? Where are my theoretical physicists?
Again, we get to the them of whether family is chosen or given...whether it's a matter of choice or blood. Dean asks Gabriel to protect his family of pagan gods, by killing his brother. Save the family you chose by killing the family you were born into. Very interesting dilemma.

"You think you own the planet. What gives you the right?"
"No one gives us the right. We take it."

-I absolutely love that line.

Also, Lucifer totally just started the Norse Apocalypse by killing Baldr like that...at least Haldr and Loki are off the hook for it now. Haldr will be happy, he never wanted to kill his brother...dude, PARALLELS! Hahaha....I kid because I love.

"Lucifer, you're my brother and I love you, but you are a great big bag of dicks"
-I don't have anything to say to this...just, you know...Gabriel telling it like it is.

I love the fact that so very briefly, Gabriel joined Team Free Will. I wish Cas had been around to see it.

"They are broken, but a lot of them try... to be better...to forgive"
-I think this is the problem with Michael and Lucifer. They were like "So I am now, so must I be forever!" And they never aged beyond teenagers with grudges...they could never bring themselves to consider other people's opinions. I mean think about it...pick an age like...14, and picture how much your life would suck if you still thought the same way you did at 14.

"Brother, don't make me do this"
"No one makes us do anything"

-I love that line. Everything is always a choice, just sometimes the choices suck.

:-(     <----(that's actually what I had in my handwritten notes...sideways and everything) RIP Gabester.

Ah the porno....so cheesy, so awesome, so fitting for the character. Also, I love Sam and Dean getting immediately uncomfortable and grossed out after Gabriel delivers his message.

Pestilence is so gross.


Ok, I still have the day off, so I'm going to watch another one today, I think...then maybe write VVV tonight. I should probably tell my boss that I need more work assigned, but then she might assign me work...
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