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 This is just a note to those who may not have read the A/N on the last chapter of Vile Violent Vacations....

I'm going to Germany!

I'll be leaving in a couple of hours. I'll bring my laptop, so I should still be able to post the chapter this week...but it might be posted at an odd time, or a different day.

When I fly home, I'm flying home on a Wednesday, so there is a good possibility the chapter that is supposed to be posted that day will be posted on Tuesday or Thursday instead.

Of course, besides posting the chapters, I don't think I'll be hanging out online very much - so I hope everyone has a great couple of weeks!

Also, check out my icon! I made it myself (which is possibly why it's not that great)...in PAINT (because I don't have photoshop). But I've wanted to put those lyrics on a Supernatural icon for a REALLY long time. If anyone wants to make me a snazzier version, that'd be cool. In the meantime, I think I did ok. The lyrics are by Hawksley Workman - who I think is a fantastic song-writer. He always has these perfect lines.

Ok, see ya folks!
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