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Title: Purgatory, Prophets, and Potions (Part 1 of 3, Chapter 1/5)
Author: hells_half_acre
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Supernatural
Rating: T
Genre: Gen
Word Count: Part 1 total: 18,990
Warnings: Spoilers for all Harry Potter books, spoilers for Supernatural until 8x01.
AN: A demented'verse timestamp.
Special thanks to betas: [livejournal.com profile] lethiaw77 and [livejournal.com profile] cappy712

Summary: When Harry goes months without hearing from the Winchesters, he manages to track down Sam, only to discover that all is not well with his friend.

(also on AO3)

Part 1: Purgatory

Chapter 1

I need you to find the Winchesters )

Chapter 2
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Holy crow... okay...

So, no rewatch while I type this up this week, as I'm back to watching it at my friend's place while drinking copious amounts of wine and then walking home and trying to remember everything.

ETA: Oh man, I had this typed up nearly an hour ago, and then my internet went out... hopefully it stays around long enough for me to post...

Let's get started...

Heaven and Hell are here on earth. )

As usual, tell me what I missed (I'm guessing a lot) and let me know what you want to discuss further in comments!!!

I'm expecting an explosion of feelings at the Asylum convention this weekend. 
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Okay, so this episode was soul-crushing....

(Once again, I'm rewatching while I type this up, thanks to house-sitting at a place with a PVR. Next week I'll be back in my own apartment though and doing my quick reaction from memory.)

...with dirty hands and worn out knees... )

As usual, discussion in the comments is most welcome! I have to admit that I had a particularly horrible day at work, so I'm not sure my brain is properly in thinky-mode at the moment. I kind of feel a bit fried with trying my best not to rage quit my job.
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Man, Edlund always brings the goods, doesn't he?

Just like last week, I was able to watch the show on the east-coast feed and PVR it... which means that I can actually watch it back when I type this. (And timeline as I go.) I'm also going to be eating dinner though, so most likely by the time I finish, it'll be just like I watched it on the west-coast feed like normal.

I should warn you that I'm also exhausted and most likely going to drink while I eat dinner - so...yeah... I'll probably be channeling some of our more run-down intrepid heroes....Therefore, you will actually get song lyrics this week, because I was singing this song anyway...

I'm so tired, my mind is on the blink )
I hope you all enjoyed the episode as much as I did! Let us now discuss it in comments!!
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This week, I'm cat/house-sitting, so I got to watch early with the east-coast - but then I had to make dinner, because I was hungry. BUT! It also means that I have a PVR (That's DVR to you, Americans, and "-box" to you Brits... I don't know what they say in other countries, sorry folks).

Having a PVR means that I can rewatch while I type up my reaction... this way, I'm less likely to forget things. Also, I can timeline right away. It also means that probably despite watching the show early, you aren't going to see this reaction until the usual time I post it. :P


No song lyrics this week, because I didn't have to walk anywhere... )

So, I don't think I missed anything this week, but let me know in comments if there's anything you want to discuss more!
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So, I skipped yesterday only to return today with something short and depressing. I hope you forgive me. (Prompt is under the cut, because it's a picture)

The Open Road
(Supernatural, Season 8, 254 words)

It felt liked the world belonged to them )

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I decided to timeline the previous two episodes of SPN this evening... and while I don't actually have any dates for them, I did discover some interesting information. And I thought, hey, might as well share now while it's still topical instead of waiting until the seasons over. (Plus, it's hiatus, and I miss chatting with your guys whenever there's a hiatus.)


Just in case some of you haven't seen the episodes yet, I'll put a cut. )

Now, of course, take all the Purgatory/Hell time reasoning with a grain of salt.  I'm measuring them here based on how much time is passing on earth - we don't actually know how time/space works in these locations; they seem to be fluid things that can change at whim.
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Okay, really quick one today, because I am behind on work-work. 

Today's prompt:

Too nice, too clean, too white, too green
little haters, big dreams
I don't care what you think about me
Two face old friends told me the end was near
Forget them.

-Hello; Karmin

(Supernatural, 8x19 related, Dean and Angels, 310 words)


Zachariah had told them once that he had four faces, one of which was a lion. )


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Wow. Okay... that was jam packed.

Let's dive right in...

And I called you my friend. And you carried me in... )

As usual, let me know what I missed, or what you'd like to discuss further, in the comments!
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I bet a lot of fans (probably mostly the tumblr crowd) aren't even old enough to remember the glorious brief existence of Freaks and Geeks... Hell, *I* barely remember it. :P

But tonight I didn't have that much wine, so hopefully that means I remember more of the episode...

So you can be sure that you're in control / You're just somebody that I used to know )

Anyway, fairly decent MOTW, but MAN that promo for next week looks AWESOME.
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We've just had a doozy of an episode...

Let's see how much I remember and how long this takes me to type up. Set your watches, NOW!

I know I've been cruel; won't you please be kind )

In short: Awesome episode was awesome. Can't wait for more!
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Hello! Late one tonight... sorry...

Walking home, I was really worried that no song would come on the iPod that would give me a good lyric for this episode - I went through Moist, the Beatles, Jason Collett, Johnny Cash... and nothing... and then finally, JUST as I was walking in the door, Jonny Lang saved the day.

So, let's talk about this episode...

Why am I dying to live if I'm just living to die? )

And we break for three weeks! But the promo for the return episode looks crazy! It's going to be three weeks of antici-
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Okay, fess up Supernatural Writers.... which one of you has been stalking the kinkmeme?

An old-school MOTW this week... let's get into it...

NOTE: Just for those who don't remember, my cut-text is always the most apt lyric that I heard on my iPod on the walk home from my friend's place... and well, this was seriously the most apt lyric tonight.

...giving me head on the unmade bed... )

So, as always, let me know what I missed! And please remember that I like liking things.
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Quite the episode tonight! So much to talk about, that even before I start, I feel like I've missed half of it.

You don't have to live like a refugee... )

And that's all I remember at this point! It's 1am and I am getting sleepy though (the wine has worn off, and the fact that I actually put in a full day of work earlier is catching up to me... the little red X on my calendar telling me that I deserve sleep)... so, I'm probably forgetting a ton of things that would be wonderful to talk about! Please let me know what they are in comments, and I will slack off a bit from work tomorrow to talk about them with you!

ETA: I also just made three separate spelling mistakes in the last paragraph that I had to go in and edit... I'm not even going to check over the rest, but I have a feeling that as my tiredness grew, so did my spelling/homonym errors. So, I apologize and just assume that I have something to apologize for. (I'm Canadian... in case you didn't know... I also apologize for that too, just while I'm apologizing).

Next week's promo talked about "an old friend" but I didn't recognize him or his name.... did anyone else? Or is he an "old friend" like "an old friend we have not mentioned until now" type of "old friend"?
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Another Ben Edlund episode: Yay! Featuring Judaism: Double Yay! With Sam looking adorable in a sweater: Triple Yay! And... okay, why don't I just talk about the whole episode....

Psycho Killer, Qu'est Que C'est? )

Good episode all around! So, let me know what I missed (I'm probably missing a ton of good lines, but it's nearly 1am) or what you want to talk about in comments!! :)
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I was really fearing that I would hate this episode... but thankfully I didn't!

Woo! Let's talk about it....

Found the places I'm destroying/Only hoped you'd be there still )

As always, let me know if I missed anything that you desperately want to discuss... or well, just let me know if there's anything that you desperately want to discuss!! 
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I am looking forward to the gifs... oh, there will be a wealth of gifs, and I will reblogging all of them no doubt over on my tumblr.

But, let's actually talk about the episode....

It's good to be [queen], if just for a while/To be there in velvet, to give 'em a smile... )

So, what were your favourite parts? What did I completely forget to talk about?
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Oh man... I'm not as think as you drunk I am.

My friend was accidentally spoiled for the ending of this episode, and so decided it was in my best interest if I was fortified with a lot of wine before we watched... no worries, it's not like I have to work tomorrow or anything. (In all fairness, I was the one that just kept drinking... :P)

So, let us begin at the beginning...

I cut my strings and I went wandering... )

Let me know what I missed in the comments!
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And we enter Winter Hellatus! But, my friends, what has become of us!?

Avoid the Rent-A-Cop even though you're innocent... )

Alright, tell me your thoughts and what I missed! I hear tell on twitter that there's some brother-bashing going on out there on the interwebs, so I remind you not to bring that shit here, because I will not stand for it! Keep things positive and kind. Imagine the characters and each other complexly!
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Once again, I've had too much wine on a week night! This move to Wednesday really messes me up. Let's see what I can remember...

I wish that happiness could just be pretended )

If I forgot anything (lord help us all) tell me in comments and I'll talk about them with you tomorrow. I really do apologize for the length of this thing.

NEXT WEEK: The mid-season finale! NOOooooooooooo....


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