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 Oh man, this is going to be a late night...

So, copious drinking, not one but TWO episodes to keep in my head long enough to write up, after only watching them once - Do usual rules apply? YUP! 1. Don't correct me unless I ask you to, or it's plot/character crucial. 2. Keep it positive - if you want to leave a comment with everything you hated, then you have to counter every negative with one positive. Thems the rules.

Okay... let's get to it, I'mma break this post into two different cuts, and hopefully we can do this efficiently. First off, we have 12x22...

Why don't you quiet down? )

Which leads us into 12x23....

Have a little faith in me... )

And that's our season....

I'll be posting the timeline next week at some point. I've got a few things I've gotta verify from some episodes that I didn't watch close enough..

I guess I'll see you again for quick reactions in the fall!

I'll be posting this summer too, but it'll just be random junk, and maybe some fic.

Let me know what you thought - and please remember the BALANCE rule... gotta put the positive with any negative.

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Alright, so, let's just be honest right out of the gate:

I hated this episode.

But, I have a rule around here, and it's that you HAVE to find the positive in a thing - and the rules apply to me too. So, yeah... yeah... let's see what I can do here.

Live through this and you won't look back... )

So, yeah... uh, that's angry me. I'm sorry if I did a really bad job of following my own rule. Nevertheless, please try to follow the rule when you comment - though, misery loves company, so feel free to complain too. 

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 No worries, I didn't need my heart.

Tonight I went out to see a documentary called The Road Forward, which is about the history of the Indigenous Rights movement in British Columbia. It was really interesting, but already had me quite emotional - because, you know - First Nations have been and are treated horribly in my country.

Anyway, I downloaded the episode when I got home.... which is why this write up is so late.

So, you don't get drunk!me but you do get emotionally wrung-out and tired!me... hopefully I can still be entertaining.

Usual rules apply - No quotes are actual quotes and I'm not going to remember everything exactly (nor retell it exactly). It'll be the general idea - don't correct me unless I ask or it's super duper important to the plot or the understanding of a character.


No songs only sadness... )

So, next week looks like even more shit hitteth the fan.

As per usual, let me know what you thought in comments, either on LJ or DW. :)

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Alright, back from our little one-week hiatus. You all know the rules by now, so let's dive right into it...

Life is better now that I'm with you... )

As per usual, let me know what you thought in comments! :)

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So, usual rules apply - let's just get right to it.

Oh, first - quick note: those of you who like my rewatches - I won't be doing one this weekend, because my mother is visiting. So, week off!

Now back to S12...

Hunting people, killing them - the family business! )

Anyway, good MOTW episode.

Next week: Back to Plot!

As usual, let me know what you thought in comments!!!! This is also mirrored on DW, if you'd prefer to take the conversation there. 

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We're finally back to our regularly scheduled Supernatural nights - with me going to my friend's place and drinking copious amounts of wine. Tonight was a very nice Pinot Noir, which made me regret my usual "white wine only" rule... which I instituted one year mainly because I couldn't afford to have my teeth cleaned at the dentist, rather than out of any sort of hatred for red wine (though they do often give me headaches).

ANYWAY... I'm already rambling, so this should be a fun write up - let's get started. Usual rules apply: I've watched the episode once, while intoxicated and I'm still intoxicated - so only correct me if I ask you to or I've gotten something so horrendously wrong that it's a matter of life or death.

Also, I don't have spell check, so just forgive spelling - at this point, I'm 35, and I'm not going to get any better at it.


Don't dive shallow in deep dark water... )

As per usual, let me know what you think in comments! And remember, like me, if you hate something, also be sure to mention something you love (LIKE EILEEN)... and if you hate Eileen...this is not the comment section you're looking for.

ALSO, SOMEONE MAKE ME AN EILEEN ICON OR SOMETHING? Do people even make icons anymore? I need some SPN ladies icons - Sheriff's Donna and Jody, or Eileen, or Claire, or just PEOPLE. Mind you, if I move my shit to DW, maybe I don't have the icon choices over there for all this stuff. Blah, other topics for other days.
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My mum is in town, so once again, no drinking (well, one glass of wine at dinner doesn't count). But don't worry, I still took bad notes! As per usual, please forgive spelling mistakes (I have no spellcheck) and also don't correct me unless I ask you to (or it's really important to character or plot) - I've only watched the episode once, so I'm not going to remember things exactly.

Okay, usual spiel over - let's get to it...

Awkward Silence for Everyone! )

As per usual, let me know what you thought in comments!!!!
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Little late tonight, because I had a writer's group until 9:30, but hey, at least I'm not 4 days late like last week!

Since today was yet another instance of me watching the show alone at home, there was no drinking. However, I still took horrible notes, so usual rules apply.

Let's do this...

It can always get weirder )

As always, let me know what you thought (and apologies for the lack of spellcheck! And if you're going to tell me that dude's name, make sure that the three comments before you haven't already)
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Hello! I'm only 4 days late!

Once again, no drinking (my SPN drinking tradition has really been thrown for a loop by my schedule this year!), but I still took poor notes on stationary that I stole from the hotel! So, yay!

Also, I know that everyone else has had the time to rewatch this episode if they pleased, and discuss it with their friends, but I have honestly not done any of that - I avoided discussion, because I hadn't seen it yet, and I JUST watched it, so I've only seen it once. So, as per usual, I might remember things slightly wrong and no quotes are meant to be accurate - and also I don't know what's already been said by other people or whatever, so I might be late to the game with a lot of my thoughts, but what else is new.

Let's get to it...

Clever Clever Boy )

This Thursday I have a thing, but I'll try to make it home at a somewhat reasonable time and still watch the episode and post my quick reaction before Friday (or extremely early on Friday).

As per usual, let me know what you thought in comments.... and remember that my spellcheck doesn't work.
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Book Club tonight! So doing this a little later than usual - hopefully it doesn't take me too long, 'cause I gotta work tomorrow!

Review of the The Fifth Season: Really good book for strong characters, diversity, great female protags, and realistic relationships - but too many dead kids, and since it's only book one of The Broken Earth Series, it doesn't resolve and that's frustrating if you don't have time to read more than the one book.

Anyway, once again you get sober Alix, because I had to drive to book club, so no booze for me! But you still get rushed poor notes, so hopefully this will still be entertaining ...

Don't play with me... )

As per usual, let me know what you thought in comments - remember the negative/positive rule - and as always, forgive my spelling.
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New episode!

Once again watching from home, due to having a cold and not wanting to infect my friends. So, no drinks, but still poorly kept notes.

Let's get started....

You're my family. I love you. I love all of you." )

As per usual, let me know what you thought in comments!!
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Change of plans this week - the weather in Vancouver has been slightly awful and the streets are very slushy, and I do not own waterproof shoes - so the decision was made to NOT go to my friends house. Instead I stayed home where it was warm and dry... but that means no drinking. Don't worry though! I still took horrible notes. :P

Stop being cute! Both of you! )

As usual, please forgive spelling mistakes, and also let me know what you thought in comments!!!
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So, tonight was a little different, because I went out to dinner and drank, but then I watched the show at home on my laptop... but don't worry! I still took very poor notes! So, as usual, all quotes are paraphrased and I'm not going to remember things exactly.


To the episode... )

Let me know what you thought in comments!!!
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We're back!

Let's just launch right into it, because it's already after 11 and I have work in the morning. As per usual, I've had wine, taken only extremely rough notes, and therefore all quotes are approximate.

Every time the sun comes up I'm in trouble... )

Anyway, tell me what you thought in comments!! Also, forgive spelling mistakes, I do not have a spellchecker.
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Alright, let's just get down to it. You all know the rules by now...

And the rule of thumb don't apply anymore, 'cause the house is burning... )

As usual, let me know what you thought in comments.
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Back to the regular program of booze and show, so forgive errors.

Let's jump right into it, because we CAN...

And you promised to destroy me and all my dreams )

As usual, let me know what you all though in comments! (And let me know if you have that line for me.)
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You get an icon of Braeden from Teen Wolf this week, because I don't have any Mary or Jody icons - obviously, this is something that needs to change. If anyone has any links, let me know (do people even make icons for LJ anymore?!)

I'm feeling under the weather today. So I didn't go to my friend's place for dinner/wine/show like usual. Instead I stayed home, skipped dinner (though I should probably not to that, so I'll eat after I type this up) and relied on downloads... which thankfully did not fail me.

So, let's hope that my wit isn't dependant on my alcoholism or my health, because I fear I have neither at the moment.

I've still only watched the episode once, while taking very poor notes....


Rocks and trees and trees and rocks )

As per usual, let me know what you thought in comments. I really liked this one though, so if you hated it, don't rain on my parade. And if you HAVE to, don't forget the rule of balancing out negative comments with positive ones!
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Slightly different format today! My usual SPN friends are off watching a play, so I'm not drinking wine at their place like usual. BUT, I'm also house-sitting, which means that I have access to a TV! So, I'm going to take my notes live while I watch, so you can see the process! Fun!

The process will show you why I'll inevitably remember things slightly wrong and the quotes won't be exact. ;)

Okay, so the way it's going to look - just as an experiment, is that I'm going to leave my notes bolded, and write the episode up around them when I can. Now, of course, they'll be SLIGHTLY different, because usually I hand-write notes. But for the most part that just means that I was able to write more complete sentences than usual... whereas usually my notes are just nouns and verbs.

Also, I'll be timelining - only, it's my other computer that has my timeline document, so in a very rare event, I'm going to be writing up my timeline entry at the bottom of the post too. So that tomorrow when I'm back on my other computer, I can copy it into the document. So, you'll get to see that process as well (sort of).

Let's do this thing... entry lyric is Leonard Cohen, because that's who I've been listening to before the show, for sad reasons.

Everybody knows that the war is over )

As usual, let me know what you thought in comments!

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By the title of this episode, I would assume it was about the election *badum*tiss*

Okay, I apologies - usual rules: been drinking, only watched once, took notes (but poorly), things are going to be wrong and all quotes are paraphrased - don't correct me unless I ask or it's super important to the plot.

This was the first episode from one of our new writers! Davey Perez! I think he did a GOOD JOB!

Let's talk about it!

You just hit me where I lived. Guess it looked quite primitive. )

As usual, let me know what you thought in comments! :)
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Oh, so many things to say....

Usual disclaimer stands - been drinking, going to make mistakes - those mistakes aren't important, unless they are, but *I'll* be the judge of that! (Oh, also my spellcheck doesn't work, so... yeah, just ignore any crimes against the english language that occur.)

Let's get into it!

til the dawn breaks in to view, I'm lost in deep dead blue )

Tell me your thoughts in comments! :)


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