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The Timeline is up!

You can find it here on LJ (on the same page as S10) or you can read it on the SuperWiki.

As per usual, there are a lot of Unknown dates, but not as many as last year! Thanks to a Valentines episode and a hard date given in The Chitters, I was able to date a fair bit of the back-half of the season, because all episodes in between had to FIT in between while maintaining their day counts.

The lead up to the finale might get a date too once S12 starts. That's happened a few times in the past, but for now we can't be sure when those episodes take place. (Besides, of course, that there are apple blossoms in the finale, which would indicate spring.)

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Hello!! So, I'm back in Vancouver and back to my old habits  - just in time for the Season Finale. So, you'll be happy to hear that I've been drinking. Also, I've still only seen the episode once (while drinking) so, although I took rough reminder notes, all quotes will be paraphrased (or made up) and things might end up out of order.

Let's get to it!

... the holy dark was moving too... )

So, let me know what you thought in comments. Usual positivity rules apply - if, like me, you didn't like certain things, balance them out by also talking about things you liked! One for each! Keep those scales balanced, else you destory the fabric of my world!

For possibly the first time, I don't have any major summer projects planned - but I'm sure I'll miss you guys and do some random posts about random things. :)

Some of you though, I know I won't see until the fall and the show starts up again, so I hope you have a good summer!! Thanks for stopping by each week and listening to me ramble. I LOVE YOU ALL.
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Hello! I'm back in Vancouver, I flew back today though - so, technically, right now it's 2am for me and I've been awake a good while. :P

Anyway, my plane landed at 8:30 PST, I got home by 9:30 - had the episode by ten or so... and now I've watched it! Yay!

So, let's talk about it...

under ze cut )

As per usual, forgive my atrocious grammar and spelling mistakes. It is now 3:30am in the province that I woke up in this morning. :P

And also, as per usual, please let me know what you thought in comments!!
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I actually caught the EST livestream tonight! Yay! (FYI next week's write-up is going to go up really late, because I land in Vancouver at 9pm, so by the time I get home and get the episode downloaded, it's probably going to be 11pm or midnight...)

This episode was mostly about getting the chess pieces in place for the final two episodes. That's not terribly uncommon for a 11x21 episode (and also not uncommon for a Leming-Buckner episode - it seems to be the myth-arc episodes they're handed the most often, now that I think about it.)

Because I was on the livestream, I missed a line here and there. So, you'll have to forgive my mistakes! (Though, you always do, so it should really go without saying.)

To the episode....

Let's get our ducks in a row... )

And, like I said at the beginning, next week's review probably won't be online until the wee hours of Thursday - due to my flight schedule as I return to the Vancouver.

Let me know what you thought in comments!!! :)
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Oh my goodness, such an awesome episode.

Okay, so for all my talks of watching it on the EST livestream earlier - I actually totally forgot it was on and got distracted with visiting my mum... so, yeah, I then had to wait for it to download on my mum's slightly crappy internet connection... this is all to say that I haven't been drinking, but I'm exhausted, because it's 1am here. So, same difference?!

But seriously, who cares about my life when there's this awesome episode to talk about!!! Let's get to it...

Fare Thee Well... )

Next week I'll still be in Ontario, but hopefully I'll remember to watch it on EST - mainly because it's NEARLY 3AM! Oh man... It's a good thing I'm still half-on Vancouver time. :P

As per usual, let me know what you thought in comments! Please forgive memory lapses and spelling mistakes!
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Hello! Early review tonight, because my friends went to an advanced screening of Keanu, so I broke into their house and watched the show at 7pm on Space. Woot!

That also means that I haven't been drinking - because I totally forget to indulge in my friends' wine supply when they are not there for company. I am primarily a social drinker, it seems. But don't think that will make my memory any better!! I've still only seen the episode once!

Onto the episode...

Waiting on something - something real )

As per usual, let me know what you thought in comments and please forgive my spelling mistakes - my spellcheck doesn't work.
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Hello! So, we're back to myth-arc for tonight. I'm going to forgo the preamble, because yeah, there was a LOT going on in tonights episode and some of it I'm a little confused about. Which will become apparent...


We make a crucial team for a dying world )

Anyway, comment with answers, thoughts, feelings.... jokes I failed to make? 
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Holy crow was that ever an episode!

I can't believe that was a MOTW. Am I just remembering incorrectly or is this season hitting it out of the park? (Don't answer that.)

Okay, usual rules apply - have been drinking, seen the episode once, don't correct me or answer questions unless I tell you to or they're super duper important... because otherwise it annoys me, that's really the only reason I have that rule. All quotes are paraphrased etc.


I can't believe while these dogs are at the door... you've come to take apart what's left of me )

So, good times were had by all! (except arguably every single person in the episode - so, typical SPN night!)  As usual, let me know what you thought in comments... and forgive my spelling mistakes, I got no spell check on this thing and I am typing stream-of-consciousness-style after drinking.
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We're back from hiatus! It's time to talk about he episode! I've been drinking. I've only seen it once! Things aren't going to be remembered exactly, but unless it's super important or I ask you to, don't bother correcting me. Same goes for spelling, since my spellcheck doesn't work and I've been drinking.


I've been around a long time... )

As per usual, let me know your thoughts in comments!!
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I am writing to this to the sounds of my neighbour vigerously having sex in her living room. I really wish she'd stop doing that. It's the only room in her house that I can hear EVERY SINGLE THING... ugh. The good news for my neighbour is that her boyfriend has more stamina tonight than he had last time, but that's bad news for me.

Anyway, that's besides the point - the point is, I have watched the episode, once, while drinking. Also, I was having trouble hearing dialogue tonight (I'm not sure if it's my ears or my attention), so yeah, don't correct me unless I ask you to and forgive me if I don't remember things well.


...see the serpent dancing as he sheds his skin... )

As per usual, let me know what you thought in comments.
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Oh man, I stayed up too late and am super sleepy - but here we go.... blah blah, only watched the episode once, while drinking, forgive mistakes, etc.


And my ships were sailing.... )

As per usual, let me know what you thought in comments!!
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Hello! (Just an FYI to those who read them - haven't forgotten about rewatches. I've just been busy. I'm midway through the next one and will finish up tomorow if I can).

Alright, standard rules apply - positivity, only seen the episode once, been drinking, etc, etc...

Let's do this thing...

Psycho-killer.... better run run run run away! )

As per usual, let me know what you guys thought in comments! :)
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Sorry this review is so late tonight. My mum is visiting...so, I'll blame it on her, even though it was me that was chatting with my friends a lot. Also, I'm not that drunk tonight, because I was driving... so, by "not that drunk" I mean, not at all drunk. So, will that make this review better or worse? Who knows!!

This was my mum's FIRST EVER episode of Supernatural... so, exciting times!

Let's talk about it!!

Read more... )

Let me know what you all thought in comments! Please forgive any spelling mistakes. It's late and I'm sleepy and my spellcheck doesn't work.


(Man, I really need a Jody icon. Charlie will have to stand in.)
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Woot! That was a really nice episode. Man, Robbie Thompson always seems to knock it out of the park for me.

So, let's talk about it!

Now I'm sitting here alone and sleepless... )

Next week looks great too! I don't know who's writing it, but hopefully it's someone good!
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We're back from hiatus! WOoooooooT!

Okay, let's talk about le show. Uh... usual disclaimer: I'm not as think as you drunk I am. So, only correct me if I ask you to, or it's super duper important. All quote are approximate, etc.


You are so pretty when you're on your knees... )

So, let me know what you thought in comments, as per usual... ugh, negativity rules apply, so say something good for every bad thing, even if it's "I liked his shoes." Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd...forgive my spelling mistakes please, I do not have spell check and I am inebriated.

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Hello my lovelies!

Mid-season finale time. Once again, I took notes while I watched to remember sequence of events, but I've only seen the episode once while drinking, so my memory is not going to be great.

Let's get this road on the show...

Empty are my dreams it suddenly seems )

Anyway, tell me your thoughts in comments!! It's going to be a long break!!
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Guys, I really loved that episode, let's talk about it!

First: Still been drinking, still only seen it once, still won't remember everything exactly. Only correct me if I ask.


If it's real what I'm feelin' there's no make believin' )

Next week is the mid-season finale, and it looks SUPER INTENSE, YOU GUYS!

I have said "you guys" far too much in this write-up, but I am Canadian, and I have been drinking.... you guys.
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Hello! So, although I watched this episode early, I then came home and wasted time on twitter, made dinner, and finished a 55k fanfic that I had started earlier... so, yeah, so much for getting to bed on time. :P

Anyway, no drinking tonight, but I've still only watched the episode once, so my memory won't be the best and quotes are paraphrased (or made up), etc.

Now, let's talk about the episode!

11x07 Plush )

Next week is the episode that Richard Speight Jr. directed!  :)
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So, I've had a hell of a day... and I really need to sleep, but this was also a good episode and there is a BUNCH to talk about... so, I'm torn here - but hopefully it all works out and I don't pass out on you.

I drank a little tonight, but actually not that much (mainly because I really do need to sleep and alcohol keeps me awake) but I'll probably still forget everything even with my notes, so bear with me. (bare? bear.)


Come on back home, Mama... )

Next week looks like another fun one.
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I don't have a preamble tonight. You all know the drill... seen the episode once, not the best memory, been drinking.

Let's get to it!

I used to care, but things have changed... )

So, yeah, surprisingly good episode for a motw from a new writer! I am happy with this new hire. There was lots to chew on and also some great laughs. :)

Next week it looks like we're back to mytharc already!



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